Curiosity killed the cat^-^

Today, I’m going to share to you my “Curiosity killed the cat” experience. What curiosity killed the cat really means is that when you do something that gets you in trouble. I remembered, when I was 5, I taught I was matured enough to bake, but I wasn’t. What happened was I was mixing random stuff from the kitchen  feeling like I really know how to bake. I tried placing the mixture in a microwave then I was seeing in my brothers face that he was like “Isn’t that suppose to be in the oven?”. But I still continued because I taught I was an expert. I put the mixture then the microwave started making weird noises. It was malfunctioning. My mom raced to the kitchen then turned it off. She scolded at me for awhile then popped in to my mind was a question. “Why did the microwave make such noises?” My mom explained that putting metal in a microwave would make it nearly explode. Well at least I learned a lesson. Stop being a feeler. “-__-


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