ART CLASS!!!!!!!

I just so love my first day in art class! What I did today was to make a landscape using chalk and paint. My instructor said we need to use different kinds of lines such as vertical, horizontal, diagonal or whatever line that exists. She kept suggesting that I draw swirly lines and I was a bit bugged because I think swirls are a bit too fancy and I think its going to ruin the image I made, but I just drew it because I think It’ll be a bit disrespectful if I didn’t. After that, She also taught us how to make bubble papers but too bad I cant explain how to do it here. Its a bit complicated and hard to explain. Now here comes my extremely favorite part. We drew kawaii (cute anime characters). I so love kawaii! Not only its super easy, but you just cant stand the cuteness! Ehem… anyways, other anime styles we drew were Shojou (the normal, tall kind animes) and Chibi (the fat plump animes). I hate Chibi. First of all, its complicated next, I think its ugly (no offence). But hey, i have nothing between Chibis and Kawaii. Just telling you, It was fun!



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