“Jack and Jill”

One of my favorite comedy is “Jack and Jill”.The characters are Jack-the boy twin, Jill-the girl twin,and Alpachino- the guy who was madly inlove with Jill. The story revolves between the two identical twins named Jack and Jill. Jill went abroad while Jack stayed in his hometown and started his own family.Jack got a call from Jill because she was planning to come back and pay a visit just for a week. Jack was terrified because he knew that Jill would make a whole lot of countless troubles again. Jack fetched Jill from the airport. After some day, Jack felt uncomfortable having his twin sister around, ruining his tranquil life. So one time, he asked her to stay away from his life. Sadly,Jill decided to go back abroad. Then the minute came when Jack realized that he missed Jill and the troubles she made were the memories he could actually treasure the most. So he ran after her and he told her he was really sorry. Jack also helped her get a new boyfriend. The epiphany was when Jack realized that he should not have stood up to her like that. He also realized that he should have been a better brother to Jill. My side comments are: I really love the story because it was so touching how the two twins reunited.


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