The Tibetan Mastiff

Okay, Now I’m very surprised of what I just saw. I mean haven’t you seen a Golden Retriever? Its way huge isn’t it? But haven’t you seen a Tibetan Mastiff? It’s really huge and now what I mean by huge is way huge.The Tibetan Mastiff is actually seen in Tibet,China (obviously).It’s also the most expensive dog in the world. It costs nearly $1.5 million. So it says here that a male Tibet dog weights 45.4-72.6 kg while the female weights 34-54.4 kg. Why does the females always have to be the lightest?(haha). Anyways,though they look scary, the Tibetan Mastiff is a highly independent and intelligent breed. They also require interactive relationship with the owner.I advise not to have kids or other pets around Tibetan Mastiffs (if you have one) as they are very aggressive. I heard that one Tibet dog actually beated a lion.Surprising.

For more informations,go to this sites: (I personally dont trust wikepidia though)


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