” How To Be A More Focused You”

Staying focused is a gold star habit that helps you become a better student, a talented person, and a great friend. Now here are some tips how to focus on your work. First is beginning with the end in mind. The best way to focus on a certain thing at a time is to have a clear picture of the things you need to accomplish for the day. You can do this by creating your own ” to do list” . Second is to keep things interesting. When you like what you do,you’ll have no problem concentrating on your task. Be creative and imaginative and turn boring tasks into activities that you will look forward to. Third, say good bye to distractions. Lets face it: TV, computers, iPods and cellphones will distract you if you allow them to keep you from finishing your tasks. Practice concentrating on one thing even if it means no more gadgets. Having a distraction free zone will help you concentrate. Fourth, take a break. Overloading your mind with lots of things will make you tired and lose focus. Take a refreshing break and after, you’ll see how your concentration improves. Fifth, get yourself a focus partner. Two people working is better than one. you could finish the task faster and if one notices the other is distracted, the one who notices will remind to focus. Last, listen to music – no kidding! Listening to music could help you concentrate in a way. Hope this helps you!


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