” Bread Of Salt: Review”

The story of the ” Bread of Salt” was written by N.V.M Gonzales.The words of the story are a bit confusing so I suggest to put a dictionary beside you while reading the story. Anyways, this is the summary I made. The Bread of Salt is also known as “pandesal”. I personally think the story was interesting. What actually happened is there was a boy who was asked to buy rolls and pandesal in the bakery for their morning table.  While he was heading towards the bakery, he was daydreaming of Aida ( as always) . Aida is a daughter of a rich family. He wished to get to know her and get to like him as well. the boy was also a great violinist. So he got invited in a recital. As he was going up the stage, he tried to find Aida in the audience but he couldn’t spot her. After playing his piece, everyone applauded. He saw a buffet table and tried to snatch all the sweets he could get. To bad he got caught by the people ( including Aida) . He ran outside, wishing the damask curtains could hide his shame. After the recital, he went to the bakery but the bread was not yet ready. I think the ending part was kind of weird, though.image image


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