” 7 Secrets To Success”

imageThe first secret to success is to never sell yourself short. You shall always be proud of the choices you made and show the other people that they don’t have to do what  the cool people do to turn out okay in the real world. Second, you shall never listen to the haters. Negative people can find ways to bring us down and drain our energy. We shall always know how to be strong and fight back. Third, you shall never quit. Never give up without even trying. Anything is possible if you believe in yourself. Four, you need to find your role model. Surround people you can look up to. Get advices and tips from them. Fifth, always practice. Every achiever started small. Find what you love to do and work hard for it. Sixth, learn from your mistakes. It’s impossible to live without mistakes. Mistakes are experiences and experiences are the best teachers. Lastly, be yourself. Pretending to be someone else is tiring. If you keep on pretending, you’ll run out of things to become.


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