Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard: Book Review

“For hundreds of years, the Silvers have walked the earth as living gods and the Reds have been insects at their feet, until you.” Hello bloggers and readers! Whats up my equals? It’s been a while since I blogged. It’s been more-than-a-while, actually. I’ve been caught up straightening my priorities and other unpractical and unnecessary … More Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard: Book Review

Clean Slate

If I had to describe this week in one word, it would have to be complicated, in a good and of course, in a bad way because THERE IS ALWAYS A BAD IN EVERYTHING, always. This week, I had my first day of school in a new school and the first day jitters came again. … More Clean Slate

Cells & Humans

“Cells don’t make up human beings, lies do” -is a very fine saying by me. We are so contained of ourselves, our reputations and our faces that we forget to look around. Now look at the people around you. Do you find something similar between you? Humanity is destroyed in a very unliteral way. We … More Cells & Humans


The Japanese tea ceremony is called Chanoyu, Sado or simply Ocha in Japanese. It is a choreographic ritual of preparing and serving Japanese green tea, called Matcha, together with traditional Japanese sweets to balance with the bitter taste of the tea. The preparation of tea in this ceremony requires elegant movements and is done on … More Chanoyu

Japanese Aesthetics

aes·thet·ic esˈTHedik/ adjective 1. concerned with beauty or the appreciation of beauty. “the pictures give great aesthetic pleasure” synonyms: artistic, tasteful, in good taste; More noun noun: aesthetic; plural noun: aesthetics; noun: esthetic; plural noun: esthetics 1. a set of principles underlying and guiding the work of a particular artist or artistic movement. “the Cubist … More Japanese Aesthetics

Subway, No Way!

SUBWAY by Etsuro Sakamoto Everyday I step into a coffin with strangers nailing hurriedly My own coffin, I go to the city to be buried alive Subway” by Etsuro Sakamoto is a poem that symbolizes restlessness. It is said or pointed out in the poem that the persona is feeling restlessness from work. For me, … More Subway, No Way!